Are you having difficulties deciding what Christmas gifts to buy for your boyfriend? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You may have just started dating, or simply have no idea what he really wants. In which case it’s a good idea to consider the following factors when buying his present:

  • What personality does he have?
  • What does he already own?
  • Does he like gadgets, toys or useful objects?
  • Has he given you any hints?

If you are really stuck you could ask him for a few clues. If he won’t tell you try another technique, ask what his worst ever present was or what he is expecting from his parents/siblings. If you still end up without any insight into what he may want why not look at the following suggestions:

  1. A phone controlled helicopter is the perfect Christmas gift for boyfriends who love their latest smartphone. This small helicopter can be flown using an app that is available for the iPhone and Android handsets too. It’s funky, fun and downright awesome.
  2. The music lover may appreciate the iHat Music Hat. Rather than struggle with headphones and a hat this gift will let your man enjoy listening to tunes while looking stylish and being comfortable. It has inbuilt speakers eliminating the need for headphones and works with loads of MP3 players.
  3. If your man is lazy and constantly losing the remote control why not treat him to the Remote Control Cushion. This cushion can be used as normal but it doubles up as a remote, being compatible with thousands of TV sets.
  4. The Shocking Liar Lie Detector is a way for your boyfriend to have some fun with his mates and with you too. Slip his hand in the strap and answer the control questions before really dropping in some funny questions that he must answer honestly or risk being zapped.
  5. The Wireless Weather Station is one of the coolest clocks out there. This is a great gift for a geeky boyfriend who loves to know what the weather is expected to do.

Five great gifts for all sorts of boyfriends, which one is right for your man?