When it comes to Christmas presents for kids, the heat is really on parents and relatives. Children can be extremely hard to please at the best of times and Christmas really is a testing time. This is why people make the mistake of thinking that Christmas present ideas for children have to be spectacular and take place on a large scale. This completely neglects the fact that most presents for kids are forgotten about by them within a fortnight or so. It is probably a defeatist attitude to take but there is no need to overspend frivolously on gifts that will not be used very often. Alternatively, you could purchase inexpensive and useful gifts such as a Giant Cupcake Mould. This is just one example of presents for children that do not have to be over the top but can still provide an element of joy.

A perfect example of this is a fun factual I’m As Big As height chart. In terms of great Christmas presents that do not cost a huge amount yet gives them something that will last for a long time, this gift is hard to beat. Essentially, this gift will last for as long as they are growing. Hopefully, this will be a very long time. It measures up to 2 metres so will be suitable for anyone who is not a giant! The chart has the heights of various historical figures, famous celebrities and miscellaneous items. As it is made from thick card, this is one of those ideas for kids that will not get worn down quickly and thrown out with the wrapping paper. Watch as your child finds out that they are smaller than the world’s largest turnip or taller than the smallest man ever to play football for England.

Candle Bags are another one of those rare Christmas presents for kids that will last slightly longer in their memory than Christmas dinner. These are made from a fire retardant material and are designed to be lit up on the inside. They can be reused over and over again and create a warm glow and awesome visual sensation when left on the front lawn. They come in a special star design which is the ideal way to spread the spirit of Christmas all over the neighbourhood. It should be noted that the Candle Bags should not be used indoors at any time.

A Giant Cupcake Mould is consistently deemed to be within the top 10 Christmas presents for kids. The Giant Cupcake Mould is an enormous baking tin that can be used to create a masterpiece cupcake that is 25 times the size of a normal one. Instead of having to bake individual cupcakes, your children can feel like they are contributing to at least one dinner over the festive period by creating a giant cupcake that can be shared by all. The Giant Cupcake Mould is ideal for showcasing the precocious cooking talents of a young child. They just need to be on the lookout for any adults who might ‘borrow’ it for themselves. Encourage your child to create a massive cupcake that will embody Christmas or just allow their imagination to run wild.

There are a number of fantastic Christmas presents for kids that do not have to cost a small fortune. Indeed, it would be foolish to waste huge wads of cash on a gift that they might not really appreciate. Sadly, it is the nature of kids to toss away unwanted presents without a second thought. They are too young to understand the importance of pretending to like something to spare an individual’s feelings. Therefore, you should go shopping online and find something that does not necessarily break the bank but does serve a practical purpose. Children also do not care about how valuable a gift is. This is why a Giant Cupcake Mould will be as much fun to them as something that cost ten times more.