A lot of men seem to forget that women love gadgets too. Not all women want traditionally girlie gifts like necklaces, chocolates and perfume. There are so many great gift ideas that will top all of those presents hands down, so if you have a modern girlfriend, a funky mum or a best friend check out these top selling gadget Christmas gifts for her to make sure you get it right this year.

  1. The Projection Clock is one of the coolest alarm clocks you can buy right now. It projects the time across the wall or ceiling at the push of a button. The clock will also tell you what the weather is like and looks amazing on the bedside table. If alarm clocks are what you’re after you may also want to consider the Advanced Sunrise Alarm that will stir the sleeping beauty from her sleep using light.
  2. If the woman you are buying for finds her gadgets run out of battery at the most inconvenient times the Solar Phone Charger is a must buy. It will charge all sorts of devices, from MP3 players to mobile phones using only the power of the sun. It is small enough to fit in a handbag or a pocket and will stop the need for a power supply.
  3. If you’re buying for a TV fan then treat her to the cushion remote control. She can rest up while watching her favourite shows using the pillow behind her head. When it comes time to change the channel the cushion also acts as the remote, genius!
  4. Most women enjoy a candle lit bath even if they are into high tech gadgets. You can combine the two now with the remote control candles.  There is no open flame and they come in a set of three so they can create a romantic atmosphere or be used in three different rooms. The remote will allow her to adjust the light to her preference and switch off the candle with ease.

These four gadgets are all fantastic gift ideas for women this Christmas. Find the best process and deals by looking online.