Christmas gift ideas for smokers should revolve around the fact that you’re trying to get them to quit smoking, not encourage it. You have a duty to help them give up this terrible habit which claims millions of lives through lung cancer as well as reducing the quality of life of many more people. Ultimately, you may not be able to stop them from smoking but there is no reason not to try. If you care about someone who smokes, buy them an electronic cigarette. These are a fantastic invention and greatly reduce the craving. This is because they contain nicotine. However, they do not contain all the harmful ingredients of regular cigarettes. Consider a healthy alternative for loved ones who smoke, choose electronic cigarettes. They save money and could even save the recipient’s life.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Smokers: Avoid Traditional Presents

When it comes to buying gifts for smokers, you are in a tricky position. Perhaps you can go the usual route of purchasing ashtrays and cigars. For example, there are fine handcrafted ashtrays that help smokers with their ritual. There are also beautiful stainless steel lighters that make it easy to light up without having to constantly strike matches. Then there are hand-rolled Cuban cigars which are claimed to be the very best in tobacco by smokers. Yet when buying presents for smokers like these are not healthy and are not encouraging them to kick the habit. It is easy to suggest that smokers don’t want to be aided but in reality, a large proportion of them realise that their habit means they may never see their kids or grandkids grow up. Don’t be an enabler by purchasing your smoker friend a present that helps them continue and perhaps even appreciate the act of smoking.

Milano Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette comes in a variety of forms and is a guilt-free Christmas present for smokers. One of the best types of electronic cigarette is the Milano. This is at the pinnacle of electronic cigarette safety and closely resembles a real cigarette right down to the glowing tip. However, it only provides smokers with the nicotine hit while ensuring no tar gets into their lungs. The Milano electronic cigarette can actually be smoked in public places but it would be wise to ask the owner first to ensure confusion is averted. These electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is addictive unless you decide to opt for the nicotine-free cartridges. This electronic cigarette must be charged and comes with refill cartridges. Once these cartridges run out, simply order new ones and enjoy the pleasure of nicotine without the deadly tar.

Sunrise Pro Electronic Cigarette

Another innovative electronic cigarette that should be top of the your list of Christmas gift ideas for smokers is the Sunrise Pro. This works just like the Milano but has a longer battery and quicker charge which means it is a little more expensive. Like the Milano, the Sunrise Pro has no chemicals, carbon monoxide or tar meaning an overall healthier smoking experience. In fact, nicotine is its only ingredient meaning you can enjoy the relaxing effects of smoke without the side effects. Each one of its cartridges is the equivalent of 30 regular cigarettes in terms of nicotine. It is estimated that an electronic cigarette could save a smoker of 20 a day more than £1,500 a year. How’s that for a Christmas present?

If you have a loved one who smokes, purchase an electronic cigarette for them. This will help them reduce their need for real cigarettes and will help your conscience as you know you’ve not helped the person cause harm to themselves. Smoking is a deadly habit that causes premature death and a variety of illnesses. Look out of the different type of electronic cigarette available online. They are far less expensive than real cigarettes and more importantly, they are healthier.