50th birthday gifts should be a celebration of a golden anniversary where we look back on our lives with fondness and joy. Hopefully, you will have a celebration where all those you have loved throughout your life will turn up and raise a toast to their aging friend. In terms of the best 50th birthday gifts, you should aim to have a mixture of excitement, luxury and comfort. The excitement comes in the form of manic ride in 007’s Aston Martin as you speed around the track with reckless abandon. The luxury is brought to you by Newbridge as their beautiful selection of watches prove they are more than mere timepieces. The comfort comes from a massage chair which helps heal those aches and pains caused by a day of celebration!

Best 50th Birthday Gifts: The Names Bond, James Bond

Before you throw your parent or friend onto the massage chair, why not look for 50th birthday gifts that will give them a real buzz? Allow them to become James Bond for a day with one of the numerous Aston Martin experiences available in the UK. This involves driving around a special track which enables you to zoom around at warp speed. While this might be a slight exaggeration, you will be allowed drive at a pace that would normally see you thrown in jail if you did it on the open road. An Aston Martin is a luxurious automobile and getting the chance to drive it is one of the ultimate 50th birthday gifts for dad. The only problem you will have is dragging him out of the car!

Special 50th Birthday Gifts: Timeless Beauty

Although your mother probably has hundreds of pieces of jewellery, nothing she owns compares to a Newbridge Ladies Watch. This is one of the most sought after 50th birthday gifts for mum and it is easy to see why. It is a beautiful stainless steel watch coated with diamonds that sparkle as brightly as your mother’s eyes when she receives this stunning gift. This watch does not scratch and also has a 12 month warranty for parts and labour for piece of mind. It comes from the renowned Newbridge Silverware company who have been making world class jewellery for more than 70 years. 50th birthday gifts are supposed to be special. Rather than give her the traditional precious metal gift for her golden anniversary of life, choose a combination of silver and a girl’s best friend.

50th Birthday Gifts: Heated Massage Chair

One of the most comfortable 50th birthday gifts has to be a heated massage chair. When you reach the age of 50, the body starts to creak somewhat and regular pains and aches manifest themselves. Instead of wasting money on physiotherapists or spa treatments, try a massage chair instead. The heated version will sooth your aching back and shoulders with its rolling mechanism gradually relieving your pain. It can be purchased for around £120 and will provide you with years of comfort. Once the thrill of the birthday celebrations has died down, you want 50th birthday gifts to be useful and the massage chair certainly fits into that category. The massage chair can also be adjusted to suit your height and ensure the most luxurious experience possible.

As we reach the age of 50, our thoughts turn towards things we never achieved in our lives. For just one day at least, we need to let go of the past and embrace the present. 50th birthday gifts should help achieve this so whether you are speeding down a track in a luxury car, admiring a stunning piece of workmanship or soothing your pains on a massage chair, your birthday needs to be a time of celebration, not regret. Surround yourself with friends and family on your special day and hopefully, the 50th birthday gifts and subsequent party will be a part of your past you revel in remembering.