If you think cool Xmas gifts have to be fancy, shiny and contain a dozen flashing lights, you are wrong. Most Christmas presents of this nature are all style and no substance. Perfect examples of cool Xmas gifts that don’t look so fancy are Bluetooth handsets and a projection clock. A Christmas hamper on the other hand, is as fancy as you want it to be. Bluetooth is amazing technology and can now save motorists from themselves all thanks to the ability of keeping both hands on the wheel with a Bluetooth hands-free kit. Hampers are an exercise in decadence but are always welcome presents because let’s face it, we are never satisfied during the festive season. A projection clock will not only wake you up with its impressive alarm system, it also displays the time on your ceiling. You would have to be blind to miss it!

Cool Xmas Gifts: Bluetooth

For presents to be classed as cool they don’t always have to come with bells and whistles. In fact, the most useful presents such as a projection clock seem like simple devices but they have important functions. Another example of the fact that cool Christmas gifts don’t have to be particularly glamorous to be desirable and useful are Bluetooth hands-free units. A major problem on UK roads are motorists who continue to use their mobile phones when driving. This affects their concentration and ensures both hands cannot be on the wheel. Bluetooth hands-free units are a solution to this problem. When it is attached and the phone rings, the driver can simply press a button and carry on the conversation with an earpiece and microphone. This is definitely one of the most sought after gifts because it aids safety and prevents the motorist from accruing penalty points and a fine.

Cool Xmas Gifts: Food For Thought

What is the most common thing we do over Christmas? That’s right, we eat. A lot! Between turkey, cranberry sauce, pudding and all the trimmings, we get through an immense amount of food. With this in mind, perhaps it is not a great idea to buy a Christmas food hamper but then again, it is practical! The recipient will certainly consider it to be one of the coolest gifts they have received and will enjoy the selection of chocolate, wine and cheese that is usually contained within the hamper. Best of all, these hampers usually contain items of much higher quality than you will normally see in your shops. Expect delicacies such as Belgian chocolate and the finest vintage champagne to feature in a hamper. It is also possible to purchase cost effective hampers but they are not among the gifts people hope to receive. If you’re buying a hamper, make sure it is filled with luxury items!

Cool Xmas Gifts: Projection Clock

Ever had difficulty reading an alarm clock’s time when you are groggy in the middle of the night? Thanks to a projection clock, you will never have that problem again. A projection clock has the ability to display the time on your wall or ceiling. It should be considered among the batch of awesome presents because it is also an amateur meteorologist’s dream due to its detailed weather forecasting features such as the ability to read pressure and gauge humidity. It also displays a weather forecast for the next 24 hours. It is nice to know how much rain there will be after all! The projection clock also reads temperature and has a calendar permanently on display.

Don’t ignore the less obvious cool Xmas gifts in the face of fancy packaging and false promises. Shop around and find out the features of any present you are looking to buy. A little research can go a long way and will prevent you from making an expensive mistake. Even something as simple as a projection clock will give the recipient years of pleasure as opposed to some fancy gadget that is useful for all of five minutes.