Most people would prefer to receive fun presents at Christmas because there is simply way too much pressure on people during the festive season. This is seen in High Street stores which have find nothing but ‘thoughtful’ and expensive gifts on offer. Indeed, if you only ever shopped in these stores, you would think that a fun gift like a shower radio would be a stupid idea. In actual fact, this type of Christmas Presents for kids falls neatly into the practical and thoughtful list of fun Christmas ideas. You can get such fun Christmas present ideas for kids when using present finder tools that can be found on many websites. They are really cool and throw out some great ideas like a fun Shower radio…

A shower radio is precisely the sort of gift people should be giving and receiving. They do not cost a fortune, serve a useful purpose and are occasionally funny to look at. Fun presents for kids such as a shower radio that looks like a duck for example are more welcome than a pair of slacks that cost more than £100. Christmas should not be some sort of competition, it should merely be the giving and receiving of presents as well as being thankful for having your family among you.

There are a host of shower radio types available online such as the aforementioned Yellow Duck Floating AM/FM Radio which is a fun Christmas gift for any kid. We use the bathroom as a retreat from the outside world and the stress placed on you by family members who should know to leave well alone. Their generous fun presents such as this radio may make up for their transgressions however. Instead of having to get out of a warm and luxurious bath to change the radio station, you can just use the Radio Duck instead. It floats on the water towards you and never leaves your side. Twist his head for volume control and his tail for bandwidth station selection. Naturally, Radio Duck’s body is waterproof and will provide you and your kids with years of listening pleasure.

Another innovative shower radio is the Shower Tap Radio. This is another radio made from waterproof material that should certainly be one of the fun presents you buy this Christmas. It also has AM/FM radio stations, is battery operated and sticks rigidly to the wall thanks to its strong suction cup. Stick it right beside you in the shower and wake the house and your neighbours with your renditions of modern hits and old classics. This is certainly a Christmas gift that will make you happy and energetic in the morning though it might cause you to gain more enemies as your singing causes their ears to bleed. Operating this shower radio is simple with an on/off switch, selection of station and volume control all you need to worry about.

The Shower Clock/Radio With Fog Free Mirror is one of those fun presents that also has several uses. This is an AM/FM radio that enables you to listen to music as you get showered and shaved in the morning. It is one of the few electrical items that is perfectly safe to have in the bathroom because it is splash resistant. Yet it is the fog free mirror that really makes this shower radio stand out. Older kids prefer to shave after having a shower but normally have to contend with steam fogging up the mirror. With this product, you will never have to worry about this again. It even has a back stand to ensure it stays straight while you try to remove that three-day old stubble. As an added bonus, you can store your razor on its hanging bracket.

These products prove that fun kids and teenager presents for Christmas do not have to cost you a week’s wages nor do they have to be extravagant. Although you should not always be looking for inexpensive presents, it is always wise to seek value for money. When the festive season arrives, retailers do their best to sell products at exorbitant prices with little to show for your money. The humble shower radio is the antithesis of this because it is cost effective, practical and fun. If you want more cool ideas, then search online for a present finder page that can suggest Christmas gifts for children based on their personality.