We are often given conflicting advice in our lives with some saying that time is among the greatest gifts we can receive. They say that time is on our side. Others disagree and claim we must seize the moment before it gets away from us. Both parties are right, but only under certain circumstances. While no one can give us gifts like manipulation of time, the next best thing is to give presents such as a Sunrise Alarm Clock that can at least ensure we are never late (or early) for anything. Clocks are not seen as unusual gifts unless they happen to tell the time backwards of course. There is also a Projection Alarm Clock, perfect for the person who is too lazy to roll out of bed in the morning to check the time.

The Sunrise Alarm Clock is one of those gifts for him or her that can make a real difference in their lives. This probably seems like an odd thing to say but the Sunrise Alarm Clock has a positive effect on our sleep pattern. Regular alarm clocks rudely awaken us from our slumber but the Sunrise Alarm Clock is different. It helps us wake up like our ancestors did before the age of alarm clocks. Once upon a time, mankind relied entirely on its natural body clock which was controlled by the sun. Natural light affects our mood when we wake up in the morning which explains why people are grumpier in winter than in summer. The Sunrise Alarm Clock gradually introduces light into the room from one hour before you are due to wake up. It also plays soothing sounds of nature which accompany the sun. All of this helps you get back to the old way of waking up, long before deadlines and work hours interfered with our sleep.

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give someone who is a little bit lazy is the Projection Clock which also doubles as a weather forecaster. This Projection Clock prevents you from having to reach towards your bedside table in the middle of the night when you want to check the time. It projects the time on the ceiling which means you will never have to disturb your sleep again. Even better, this clock also gives an accurate weather forecast including pressure, temperature and general weather outside. This is an ideal way of finding out whether you need a raincoat that day. When it comes to easy to find yet practical birthday gifts, you will be hard pressed to locate something more practical.

If you are looking for really confusing gifts for her, end your search with a Backwards Clock. This is a remarkable clock that works exactly the same as a regular model except for the fact it runs backwards. For example, the ‘3’ is located where the ‘9’ should be and vice versa. It runs perfectly, it’s just that everything is anticlockwise. This is one of those gifts that will confuse every visitor to your house. In fact, expect everyone who visits to be genuinely surprised and ask you why you have a broken clock in the home. The Backwards Clock is a confusing and enjoyable present for a loved one and they will eventually figure out how to read it!

We may not be able to go back in time and fix our mistakes but with the Backwards Clock, you could at least confuse a whole lot of people. The Sunrise Alarm Clock is a great present for anyone who has a real struggle when waking up in the morning. The Projection Clock allows you to tell the time on your ceiling as well as providing information about the weather. There is nothing more valuable than time, ensure that a loved one does not waste it with thoughtful gifts of alarm clocks that have special features.