When we hear the term ‘advanced’, we are automatically sceptical. Whether we are receiving an advanced Projection Clock, advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner or advanced Massage Chair with heat, it seems like the manufacturer is taking advantage of us. All the top Christmas presents this year appear to be ‘advanced’ in some way, shape or form. We wonder if an advanced Projection Clock is really all it is cracked up to be? After all, how come manufacturers couldn’t make these models before? We have every right to be cynical when it comes to antics of some companies who have scant regard for their customers. Their idea of ‘advanced’ entails adding a coat of paint and an extra £100. However, some online shops do have genuinely great equipment that just happen to carry the ‘advanced’ tag.

The Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner is shaping up to be one of the top Christmas presents this year. It is certainly at the top of a housewives list. This cleaner takes all the effort out of vacuuming. It comes with its own charging station and once it is programmed, it takes off automatically and cleans the areas of the house you deem necessary. It has an infra-red signal that helps it get back to its station when it is low on batteries. You can set to it work by programming the times you want it to operate. Once you have achieved this, your work is done. The Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner starts and finishes by itself. Its optical sensors ensure it will never fall from a height or get trapped in a corner. It does not need a bag and has a large capacity of 1 litre. Thousands of customers agree that this is the best vacuum on the market.

Another one of the top Christmas presents this year is sure to be Homedics Shiatsu Massager which is now available in an advanced model. Despite the tag, this massage chair is actually quite inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as £120. It has a soothing heat option which is one of its many advances. It helps to ease stress and is almost like having a massage therapist right in your home. It has a 2 in 1 back and neck massager with heat and a special heated shoulder massage. Its rolling mechanism really irons out those knots of stress. The Homedics Shiatsu Massager is one of the top Christmas presents 2011 and thoroughly deserves to be seen as advanced because it is so far ahead of just about every similar model on the market.

There is no doubt that the advanced Projection Clock is among the top Christmas presents. One problem with it is that it may ‘advance’ your laziness. Because it can project the readings on its screen in giant form on the ceiling or wall, there is no need to strain yourself in a bid to reach your bedside table. In fact, you may be tempted to stay in bed if the advanced Projection Clock gives you bad weather news. It accurately reads weather conditions, pressure and temperature in your local area. There are even graphs which allow you to study atmospheric pressure in greater detail (if that’s your sort of thing). The advanced Projection Clock means you can read the time and weather at night by just opening your eyes and you will never have to listen to another weather forecast if you don’t want to.

The top Christmas presents 2011 described above all deserve to be called advanced models because they are high quality products with numerous exciting features and functions. The public’s ire is drawn towards companies that produce garbage, slap an ‘advanced’ tag on it and charge a small fortune. Those sort of products have nothing that suggests they are advanced. Stick with reputable online stores like Paramount Zone who feature useful gadgets like the advanced Projection Clock which is worthy of a lofty tag.