Secret Santa gifts are often given by people to remove the worry that is frequently experienced when buying with Xmas gift ideas for girlfriends, boyfriend or family members. The limit is usually set anywhere between £10 and £50 though it varies depending on the family. Most of the secret Santa gifts that are given are unique, but sometimes this isn’t for the right reasons. Often boring gifts are given, and some gifts don’t seem to have a purpose or any thought behind them. What’s most important when buying gifts is the thought yet most presents of the secret Santa variety do not satisfy this basic demand. This is why it’s a good idea to look online and find brilliant gift ideas that you may not have even considered.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas: A Mini Henry Hoover

Just because secret Santa gifts are usually bought for a bit of fun doesn’t’t mean you have to purchase something silly. The whole point of secret Santa gifts is to put a smile on someone’s face and lame presents will not achieve that. Look for something practical like Henry, the Desktop Hoover. One thing about working in an office is that your desk soon becomes a mess. There are usually files strewn everywhere with dust all over the place. Failure to clean this desk is not only untidy; it can also be unhealthy as the dust gets into your lungs. This is why the Desktop Hoover is one of the best Christmas present ideas for men. It is basically a miniature version of the reliable and beloved regular Henry Hoover which leaves a floor spotless. The mini Hoover has the same functions and is easily cleaned.

Xmas Gift Ideas: Drinking Hard Hat

Although it is no longer one of the most unique secret Santa gifts, the Drinking Hard Hat is still among the best Xmas gift ideas for a boyfriend that a woman can think of. This hat contains two drinking straws and can hold up to two cans of beer at one time, perfect for thirsty men watching a game of football but unwilling to get a refill for fear of missing something important. It is also adjustable so can fit heads of varying sizes. It is probably not a good idea to use this hat for drinking alcoholic beverages simply because it is too convenient. Most men wearing this hat will turn into dribbling wrecks within a few hours because they can’t resist guzzling down two beers at once!

Secret Santa Gifts: Going Retro

Another one of the fantastic online secret Santa gifts for under £10 includes the Retro Spacehopper. This is one of those fun Christmas gifts ideas for children that can easily be used by an adult. The Retro Spacehopper was a popular toy a generation ago before video games came into sharper focus. It is so simple and fun! Just jump on the hopper and start enjoying yourself. It seems silly but once you jump on, you will be addicted and not want to come off again. The hopper should come with a foot pump which enables you to control how large or small the hopper should be. Although there is a money back guarantee, it is unlikely you will need it and getting your money back kind of defeats the purpose of secret Santa gifts in the first place.

If your family agrees to take part in a Secret Santa this year, make sure you use it as an opportunity to show off your thoughtful and unique gift buying. Be generous and find the best deals possible to suit your budget. With any luck you will inspire them to come up with Xmas gift ideas that are more thoughtful than a boring pair of socks when you all partake in a Secret Santa next year. Go online now and choose between the arrays of providers looking to improve your Christmas shopping experience.