Men like to suggest that women gossip a lot and are generally nosy when in fact, Christmas presents for boyfriends that revolve around spying gadgets will be as gratefully received as Xmas presents for boyfriends involving football. Christmas presents that consist of gadgets are an ideal solution to your festive gift dilemma. Men like to play with fancy new toys and also enjoy finding out dirt on their neighbour. It’s human nature to be curious/invasive and with spy gadgets, your man can act like a secret agent for the day. Just make sure he does not get caught as Christmas presents should not involve getting into trouble with the law. Invasion of privacy is serious and a clear line must be drawn between having fun and disturbing someone’s peace and quiet.

The iSpy Digital Camera Binoculars should keep your man occupied and its extra features will ensure he is far too busy enjoying himself to worry about spying on other people’s activities. Traditionally, Christmas presents for boyfriends involving binoculars usually means his girlfriend is inviting him to be a Peeping Tom. However, these iSpy Binoculars are a little bit different. They still have the basic function which allows him to observe things from faraway but it also takes digital camera quality pictures. This could be the perfect ideas as long as he doesn’t use it to blackmail someone! This is one of those Xmas presents for boyfriends that should help him get a better view of local sporting events, wildlife and sightseeing. Hopefully, he will resist the temptation to start clicking where he is not wanted!

Other Xmas presents that will help him in his quest to become a secret agent is the Wireless Mini CCTV Camera With Audio. Once your boyfriend adds a TV or DVD player, he will be good to go. As the Mini CCTV Camera is only 3 cm x 2 cm, it can be hidden just about anywhere. It has a colour lens and a tiny microphone that can pick up any sounds in the area. The camera can be placed between 60-100 metres away from the TV monitor and still work effectively though its ability to monitor images is affected by walls. This is a gift that offers unlimited possibilities. Your man could stroll through work with it and uncover a few shocking truths or you could use it to keep an eye on a small child. Remember, audio recording is actually illegal in many workplaces so tread carefully. This camera could also be used against you so perhaps you should think twice before buying it!

The Super Spy Listening Device is yet another present idea that can help him eavesdrop on people. Again, it is probably not a great idea to encourage your boyfriend to spy on people, especially you, but it can be a fun gadget when used for the right purposes. This is a tiny device that can be hidden anywhere. Try emulating spy movies and hiding it in a potted plant. It can overhear conversations from around 30 metres away. Your boyfriend should test it out to see how well it works. One problem with this present is that you’ll have to be careful about what you say. You’ll never know when he is listening. This is a good gift idea for girlfriends who are not paranoid.

Choose presents that give your boyfriend a thrill. Allow him to feel like James Bond or Jason Bourne for a day. Spy gadgets can add some excitement to his life, especially if he is stuck in the archetypal dead end job. As long as he behaves himself and promises not to use your gift against you, Christmas presents that involve spying equipment should be a lot of fun. Besides, if you get your hands on the gear, perhaps you can turn the tables.